Why Pronouns Matter

Pronouns. A single word that distills our identity down to mere letters. How can something so small hold so much significance and power? Pronouns are intrinsic to who we are. They are a written and verbal proclamation of how we identify and how others identify us.

Think about how many times your pronouns are used to refer to you in any given day. Now imagine your friends and family, coworkers and others, routinely calling you by the wrong pronouns. Imagine having the very essence of who you are negated at every turn, often met with disbelief, sometimes anger and violence. Referring to someone by the wrong pronouns, especially on purpose, creates an interaction and environment that is laced with disrespect and can lead to feelings of exclusion and alienation.

Pronouns are more than just a particle of speech or a preference. Using someone’s correct pronouns are a sign of affirmation and respect. It lets the person know that you see them and value them.

Resource Recommendations:

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